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Le Flamant Rouge

18 Rue de l’Etang

11 440 Peyriac de Mer


Telephone pour Le Flamant Rouge:

+33 4 34 27 00 15 (France Fix)



How to get to Le Flamant Rouge?

By Plane…

The easiest (and cheapest) way to get to Le Flamant Rouge by plane is flying to Beziers, Girona or Barcelona with Ryan Air,

The other options are:

By Train…Green travelling!

It’s lovely to go by train to southern France. There are good railway connections, from north, south, west and east. The closest station is Narbonne (~20 km from Peyriac de Mer). Visit for the french railways or go to for total european railways. It takes around 2 days to get from Sweden to Le Flamant Rouge by train. To get from Narbonne to Peyriac de Mer you can choose between taxi for around 25 euro, or bus for 1(!) euro.

Check in your own car on the train

DB Autozug starts in Hamburg and goes all the way down to Narbonne. You eaisly check in your own car on the train, sleep on the train for one night before checking out in Narbonne, with your own car!

By Car…

Fast drivers sleep one night between Sweden and southern France. The slower but nicer drive requires at least 2-3 nights. Go to to find the best routes.

Rent a car, in France or in Spain

Our suggestion is to rent a car for your stay, both to get from and to the airport/railway station but also to be able to visit the surroundings easy and in your own way! Go to and find the best car deal for your stay.

To and From Le Flamant Rouge without car

The best way to get to Le Flamant Rouge without a car is to go by train to Narbonne and then either get a taxi (around 24-25 euro) to Le Flamant Rouge or get the local bus between Narbonne and Peyriac de Mer, line 10 (around 4 times a day).